Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Student Ms Nikita is Our Colleague Now !!

Yet another initiative by our college this year. Unlike education institutes abroad, our college has also introduced part-time job opportunity for our students in the college campus. We indeed appreciate our Principal and the members of Management.

This year we have appointed five such students who are working in the different sections in the campus. Let me introduce Ms. Nikita Rathod, who is one among them, working in our LInC for four hours everyday. Ms. Nikita has scored 86% in HSC and all other four students are meritorios too!! She is pursuing her degree in BScIT from our college along with the duty. All are drawing stipend for their service in the college. So meet Ms.Nikita in our library, who is presently busy in preparing Borrowers' IDs, and you (needy and interested) may also join us in the coming academic year !!!


  1. Its Very nice Step sir..... This is what makes our college and library more rich.... and BEst