Monday, July 26, 2010

Library Advisory Committee (2010-11) Meeting : A Report

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) Meeting was held on 26-07-2010 at the Principal's Office. This time the new members have joined LAC. The Secretary welcomed them with flowers and wished them happy Guru Purnima.

The following LAC members were present in the meeting.

1. Dr. Ancy Jose || Chairperson
2. Dr. Gopal K. Kalkoti || Member
3. Dr. Varsha Ainapure || Member
4. Prof. Manudhane || Member
5. Prof. Mona Bhatia || Member
5. Prof. Sindhu || Member
7. Mr. C M. Amin || Member
8. Mr. Santosh C. Hulagabali || Secretary

The following heads were discussed in the meeting.

1. Status of Library Budget 2009-10
2. Issues related to the subscribed online databases of e-books/e-journals.
3. Issues and challenges related to extra shelves for new and existing books.
4. Preparing for ISO auditing.
5. Internet facility to teachers and students.
6. Need of manpower.
7. Library service for meritorious students.

The Secretary, Mr.Santosh proposed vote of thanks to the Chairperson and Members of the Committee.

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