Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Google Scholar Indexes ICon-AD Records

We are indeed happy to inform you that Google Scholar (GS) is indexing bibliographic details of the records archived in ICon-AD
This means, GS retrieves all 1300+ authors (and bibliographic details) from ICon-AD, when searched (GS) by author name. You can search by author name, and GS displays the entry on its page which is archived in ICon-AD, but it is subject to the quality of searches made and hits thrown by GS. Likewise, searches can be made by title (with double inverted commas) and keywords too. All results are being mirrored from ICon-AD. (Note: results to keyword-searches would be vague as lot of hits are usually thrown by GS) 

We thank all the conference organizers, project volunteers and authors for making ICon-AD as one and the only Indian conference-abstracting database.

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