Friday, March 27, 2009

About LInC

Happy Gudi Padwa to all our readers!!!
We are indeed happy to host our LInC's Offical Blog on this auspicious day!
The library which is a heart of all academic activities of the college, has housed a qualitative and quantitative collection on varied subjects. Thus the LInC is often being referred by Members of Borad of Studies, Subject Experts (for preparing articles/papers/presentations), Research Scholars etc. The LInC supports junior, degree, masters and doctoral degrees/courses. The LInC has helped in establishing department libraries. Presently the LIC has collection of around 37,000 books, 2,100 CD-ROMs and 130 journals and 55 online journals. The renovated reading hall was inaugurated by Minister of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra and the new Cyber Café and the computers with OPAC facility was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai in 2008. The LInC is fully automated and has introduced Open Access System and two terminals are dedicated for OPAC where in the students and teachers retrieve the bibliographic details of the documents to locate the books. It also provides Wi-Fi facility, Free Internet Facility, access to award winning films, language lab materials, and cartographic materials.
For further information about our services and activities, the students, teachers, LIS professionals and remote users can contact the Librarian on


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  2. Congratulations!!!
    You have rightly said that the Library is the heart of all academic activities in an educational institution! I congratulate the Nagindas Khandwala College Library for setting up a Librarian’s blog. It is a wonderful platform to Engage and Empower our students through reading and sharing of ideas. Today technology has become more user-friendly and can play a very effective role in enhancing the learning process in colleges! I hope your blog becomes a powerful tool to reach out to students and educators.
    Welcome to the Blogosphere!!! All the Best!!!
    - Shashi Panikar - The Economics Club

  3. Well done. More innovative like this expected in the near future from you. You are the real charm of your field.

    Dr Arvind Luhar, MES CLass-1.

  4. We would like to thank Prof.Panikar and Dr.Luhar for their heartfelt wishes for the successful launching our LInC's Blog! Thanks indeed. We do expect the same support from you always.

  5. Congratulations.....
    Sir u have change our mindset towards the library...... Thanks for all the facilities provided by u and also for the latest addition of BLOG

  6. Dharmesh, thanks indeed for your appreciating words. Your words stand testimonial for our efforts. Thanks for that! We must also compliment you for being the first student to post message in this blog. Looking forward to feel you and your friends' presence, onto LInC, with some interesting write-up and crispy discussion on any idea related to our services, information, new initiatives form our side, some of your interesting memories of the library, the forgettable! and unforgettable days in the library.. so on and so forth. Hoping to see you all blogging onto LInC!!!!

  7. Congratulations! You have done a great job as usual. Always u come with some innovative ideas in our field. By looking at you i always feels proud for being in a same profession.Our field needs people like you to come up.Hats off for your wonderful efforts and hope many more from you.

  8. Prof. Amit S. RajawatApril 2, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    Congratulations ! I think this is also an appreciable initiative...

    Books, students of NK & Mr. Santosh (Librarian) make a very gr8 combination. I have accessed many libararies but have never seen such a fantastic library as being maintained here at NK. Its almost like a "Magic library".... i call it so coz u think of a book & its available, including some of the rare foreign authors'books.
    The credit goes to the Management & greatly to Mr.Santosh.

    In this quick paced internet savvy world, books are alomstloosing its importance.I just wanna thank them(Mr.Sanosh & his team) for their efforts & to keep this tradition going, therby manintaining a wonderful place for book lovers like us.

  9. Thanks Prof. Amit and Librarian Smita. Indeed we are blessed by your words. We do, undoubtedly, comprehend how important this initiative is for you all. We, the librarians, have been tirelessly discussing and sharing the information about new initiatives with the librarians only but not with others. More often we felt, this is a futile practice and hence we decided to not to commit such mistake henceforth. Instead, ‘we wish to involve our users to know about our technical and practical initiatives’ and wish to see feeling elated! This practice is unlike a spiritual bliss. I often realized this gesture when I had been lecturing, in many occasions, for the heterogeneous spectators like research scholars, teachers and students. I realized one common yet sparkling fact that they wished to hug me for introducing them about thousands of Open Source Journals/database. Though, it seems not so great for librarians but if thought in users’ point of view –then it is simply Great!! Such moments are to be felt and experienced. Indeed, such occasions are rare in ones professional life too! I discovered a treasure of joy in their face, for whom such activities prove unique. Hence, somewhere down the line we thought of concentrating on our esteemed users. Hopefully, library professionals would excuse us and should understand what we are feeling and practicing! Lastly, we do acknowledge Prof. Panikar for his advice to have our blog and we will continue with the same!

  10. I do agree with Prof Smita and Prof Amit... Its only because of Santosh Sir's and his team's Hardwork that we are able to get such an Hi-tech Library. I had been to many such library but havent find the facilities which NK Library is providing... Right from ordering the book we require to Internet access to giving access to online journals, articles etc.....Moreover the discipline maintained in the Library cannot go unnoticed....

    The efforts put in by him deserves the standing Ovation. He has made NK Library as one of the most esteemed and respected Library...

    As a final year student all I can say is I ll miss my Library.. I hope management and santosh sir make certain provisions so that we can use our Library...

    All The Best.....

  11. Thanks. I can feel your feelings. Please let us know which 'provisions' you expect from us. We would be glad to do that for you and your friends. As far as Ex students are concerned, we have Alumni Association. Better to talk to Ms Helda Nair for membership queries in order to access our LInC even after passing out from our college.

  12. Congratulations sir.........its a great initiative taken by you....we are lucky to have a library with rare books and very helpful staff. We have the freedom to order any kind of books whenever we need and we always get the same at the earliest. We get access to all the books as well as to internet in our library. I have never seen such a beautiful and well managed library. I hope we can have access to it even after our graduation. Santosh sir has always supported and motivated us and we the students of TYBBI are really thankful to him for that.

    All the best......

  13. Congratulations sir.........its a great initiative taken by best wishes to the college and our library